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Our Award-Winning Designs at PRI Trade Show

The Performance Racing Industry Trade Show is the annual epicenter of new racing technology. The show features over 1,100 companies exhibiting and showcasing their latest products, services, simulation, machinery, technologies and trailers for the motorsport racing industry. It is held at the Indiana Convention Center and the famous Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis. 

We have been exhibiting at the trade show for over six years now. We were lucky to make it to the 2020 show, considering all that went on with the pandemic.

Mounting Brackets.

For the 2020 PRI show, we entered a brand new product to the showcase. The PE Clamps. And yes, they received a global media award.

PE Racing Award Winning Mounting Clamps PRI Trade Show

PE Clamps are mounting brackets that secure tightly around common tube/roll cages sizes. They are designed to provide an advantage over the welding by clamping the objects to the tubes as a non-permanent joint.

It is beneficial to everyone in the Motorsport and Marine industry.

Changed your mind about placement? No worries. Simply unscrew the clamp and reposition it. Not only are they super easy to mount objects, they are strong. Made from aircraft materials and have a hard anodized finish that resists highly corrosive environments.

The PE line of clamps features an array of four styles which come in an assortment of various sizes to cover your needs. 

- Steering Wheel Hook

- Tube to Panel

- Tube Clamp

- Fuel Filter/Pump

Our Fuel Filter/Pump Style Bracket features customised rubber mountings to reduce the vibration effects. These brackets are designed to fit Mahle and Bosch products. 

Pedal Assemblies. 

The PE Pedal Box design has received awards at the PRI trade show each year. Both the Fabricated series and Billet series have been entered into the featured product case over the years and have received global media awards for both auto and manual versions. Our Pedal Box design offer Motorsport Professionals a lightweight, high performing pedal box absolutely packed with patented features.

Features include: Adjustable Pedals, Adaptive Frame and Adjustable Brake Bias. The system allows easy tuning of both Throttle Ratio and progression, Pedal Ratio, Clutch and Brake ratio. 

PE Racing Pedal Assembly Billet Fabricated

The design allows you to make those finite adjustments without disassembling the pedal assembly. The pedal faces are independent and do not affect pushrod geometry for effective operation. 

Read more about our Patented Pedal Box!

Find our Billet Pedal Box featured in the editors choice in the PRI magazine here

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