Brake up with wasting time & money

Track testing, tuning and development can be expensive.

It’s quite easy to spend huge amounts of time and money obtaining the relevant data to optimise the tuning of any race car.

Save your money and time by getting the right advice early. Get things right before investing thousands of dollars just to find that the components chosen need to be swapped out, then to be tested again & so on.

How many variations & combinations could it take to get right?

Planning and obtaining information & advice early will not just be more efficient, but your success will come sooner with reduced frustrations & more money to spend on other potential performance gains.

For this reason, we offer our Brake Analysis Service to optimise the selection & setup of your Brake package components. If it’s better for you, it’s better for us.

Why are the biggest gains made during braking?

The quickest way from A to B is by a combination of the shortest route, at the highest acceleration G’s.

Many cars only accelerate at say 0.5g, corner at 1.0g, yet could easily achieve 1.3g during deceleration/braking.

So due to the highest acceleration forces normally being present during braking applications, this in principle is then the one single area available for the biggest gains in lap time.

Static and Dynamic loads, what’s the difference?

Its common knowledge that a cars weight & its weight distribution will vary from its static weight (like when you had it on scales) when compared to the dynamic effects introduced by speed & acceleration forces acting on it during motion.

There are dynamic effects such as drag and weight change generated by movement through our atmosphere. This dynamic load includes aerodynamic effects and the resulting weight distribution to axles & ultimately the force on your tyres contact patch. These weights can shift contact patch loads substantially during braking, acceleration & cornering events.

Getting your brakes right should not be left to chance. Contact us for more information on how we can help you find the optimum settings, so you can brake up with wasting time, money and energy.

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