Where are you located?

Oakdale NSW, approx. 70kms southwest of Sydney Australia

What is the best way to contact you?

Email, if required we can call you.

Do you ship internationally?

Sure do. We dispatch daily, your item can typically arrive in 3-5 days. 

Do you do local pickup?

Sure, but please notify us prior your order or make an appointment.

Which pedal box do i choose?

The more compact & lightweight is the Fabricated series at 2kg, so if weight is your priority, this is the one. The Billet version is less expensive, weighs 2.8kg which is relatively light when compared to other brands. Your choice should only be considering performance & cost, as they are both reliable.

Do both models install the same?

Yes, they require less additional supporting structure for mounting, so your install can not only be faster, but can be even lighter than you thought possible. 

Do you offer discount if i buy bulk

Generally no, but please contact us to find what we can do for you. The reason we sell direct is to reduce cost without mark-ups.

What is the Brake System Analysis?

A service we provide to improve your performance and results by engineering preferred setups to suit your specific race vehicle. We investigate your cars dynamic behaviour & grip levels associated with the effects of braking, including dynamic weight transfer, aero, suspension, calliper, rotors, pads and even the predict the expected operating temperatures.

Can the pedal box be used for simulators?

Yes, but depending on what you want to achieve needs to be considered. If for gaming, yes you can fit position sensors or similar. If for driver training, then realistic feel is an important factor. We have built our own test simulators but have used master cylinders with pressure sensors for the clutch & brake outputs, along with throttle position sensors for outputs. This can be made to work well, but costly. So while there are several companies supplying sim cylinders, we have also been planning how we can design and manufacture a less expensive alternative, we will keep you posted.    

is the Pedal Box compatable with ABS systems?

Yes, but keep in mind that many OEM ABS systems do not operate at high enough frequencies to be beneficial in maximising braking. Whilst increased feel will come with installing a pedal box, a good driver should be able to brake more precisely with the increased feel than with relying on an inferior abs system.