Faster Lap Times thanks to 3D Printing

The technological advancement of 3D Printing has made it possible for PE Racing to master the physics of race pedal design. The PE Racing Pedal Box is the final product of many 3D printed prototypes.

The PE Racing Pedal box is one of the lightest on the market. Founder of PE Racing Daryl Perusic is improving performance on the track by delivering savings in weight and more control over driving in equal measure.

From visualization to CAD drawings & models, PE Racing is able to test the idea through rapid prototyping with 3D printing. The design may look perfect on the screen, however, it may not be fully functional. Having the 3D printed prototype allowed PE Racing to iterate, improve and perfect the Racing Pedal Box. Once the Pedal Box fully evolved, the design was finalized and fabrication began. Not only did the 3D Printer create faster lap times but it made the design process faster. It eliminated financial, quality & time risks during the prototyping phase.

Each prototype was analyzed and tested, triggering creative ideas for effective solutions to improve the overall performance and reliability of the engineered design. Welding was a major part of the process in the first design of the Pedal Box. PE Racing analyzed the costs involved and decided to redesign the Pedal Box to eliminate Welding, as the process took too long and was not cost effective. PE Racing has achieved the elimination of welding, reducing the processes for assembling the Pedal Box from 20 down to just 4!

Let’s take a look at the mounting foot

(left to right) Prototype 1, prototype 2, prototype 3

See the welding process in the first prototype. In the second prototype, we can see mounting foot is similar, but parts are bolted together. This improvement effectively reduced labor costs.

But how can labor costs be reduced even more?

Take a look at the final prototype, the final product. No welding and no bolts, perfectly created from one piece. Effectively, PE Racing was able to find the balance between cost, labor, and strength, thanks to 3D Printing & Prototyping.

The Sportsman – Billet Version

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