Fabrication & Machining Services

Fabrication & Machining Services

PE Racing delivers high-quality engineering, fabrication and machining services.  We have the capability to quickly and efficiently produce a range of machined products from single components to complete assemblies. 

Prototyping & Testing

We cater for Machining, Fabrication, Testing, 3D Printing and Prototyping. Our engineering skills can assist in designing & developing custom components. 

Component Design

Relevant operational data is collected, engineering specifics are determined using relevant principles.

Necessary design calculations are performed, suitable equipment is designed typically using CAD software to detail the system. 

The virtual models may be modified & developed by undergoing virtual testing (FEA) & reporting of outcomes.

Your product can be 3D Printed in a variety of materials and finish. Much can be learnt about your component or product in a virtual environment.

Once the product is finalised and tested, it is ready for manufacture.

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