Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

FEA allows you to identify key weaknesses in a component or design assembly and optimize the design for performance, saving you time and money.


Fast & Efficient

It will help you identify any problem areas in the design before prototyping and manufacturing.

It’s much more efficient to highlight potential issues at the 3D modelling stage, enabling you to check for satisfactory operation, optimize your design components, avoiding premature failure, thus eliminating the trial and error approach.

In complex systems, it is easier to identify where performance issues are. Rather than unnecessarily enhancing components that aren’t the contributing factor for a failure.

Save money

You can select from a range of standard or custom materials for each component in an assembly, and establish whether they are suitable for the expected life cycle. You can expose either a part or an entire assembly to the intended design loads it’s going to operate in to identify any issues early on.¬†

In the FEA simulation environment, much more detailed information is available for efficient re-design and further testing simulations.

How can FEA help you?

Find out how FEA can help test, develop and optimise your idea.