Motorsport Engineering Consulting & Advice

Motorsport Engineering Consulting & Advice

PE Racing works with Engineers, Mechanics, Drivers & Teams throughout Sydney Australia and Internationally.

Engineered Solutions & Technical Support

PE Racing’s passion for Innovation, Motorsport & Engineering will be a valuable tool in your next project.

Our depth of knowledge, skills and over 30 years experience in Mechanical Engineering, we can create a solution. 

Our engineering skills and capabilities assist you in designing new components and systems, and manufacturing processes.

Brake System Design Analysis

PE Racing has developed a Brake System Design Analysis service which identifies critical relationships, selections and settings of Brake components to suit your car and application. Because, effective braking means better performance on & off track. 

Fill out the form and send to along with any additional information. 

Need a solution?

We possess a wide range of mechanical engineering capabilities and welcome anyone requiring engineering advice to contact us to discuss how we can help.

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