PE Racing Pedal Assembly Installation Guide

A quick guide to Installing the PE Pedal Box

The PE Pedal Box has been designed to make installation EASY.

When installing a Pedal Box or any product to your car, trial fitting before drilling holes is necessary. 

It is very important that the Pedal Assembly is mounted securely to an adequate frame or panel. The mounting is required to resist the loads of a driver’s legs in panic situations, typically 130-200kg combined on the clutch and brake pedals. Together these loads are required to be withstood by the vehicle floor and the method of attachment to your vehicle. Seek professional advice if you are not confident with the mounting.

Here is our recommended trial fitting order checklist

  1. Set throttle linkage stroke
  2. Set throttle motion ratio
  3. Assembly positioning options in your vehicle
  4. Fit a Full Throttle Stop to your vehicle (not provided)
  5. Fit Throttle cable (if applicable)
  6. Fit Remote Reservoirs & Hoses
  7. Set Brake Bias Bar
  8. Set Brake Lever position, stroke adjustment & stop position
  9. Set Brake Bias bar
  10. Set Brake Lever position, stroke adjustment & stop position
  11. Fit plumbing to Master Cylinders
  12. Fit Remote Bias Cable
  13. Adjust Pedal Faces to comfort
  14. Ensure no clearance problems exist
  15. Once satisfied, remove Master Cylinders
  16. Mark mounting hole & drill to suit fasteners
  17. Fix assembly, ensure no twisting is included (shim as necessary)

On completion of trial fitting with ALL connections & adjustments, remove the assembly and re-assemble on workbench. 

In the final fitting of the Pedal Assembly, care should be taken to ensure all services are mounted safely. 

Recommended Final Fitting Order Checklist

  1. Fit Pedal Box to your vehicle
  2. Fit Full Throttle Stop
  3. Fit Reservoirs
  4. Fit Plumbing
  5. Fit Throttle Cable (if applicable)
  6. Fit Remote Bias Cable
  7. Final Adjustments
  8. Bleed the Brake System
  9. Bleed the Clutch System
  10. Apply full pressure
  11. Check for leaks & operational clearances & adjust as necessary
  12. Final inspection, test & adjust as necessary

Post-Installation Checks

We encourage our customers to make a habit of regularly inspecting, cleaning and adjusting the Pedal Assembly as necessary. This will help with the maintenance, reliability and performance of the product. 

After you have installed your new PE Pedal Box, ensure to inspect, check and adjust all fixing and ensure the locknuts are tight.

  • Ensure the permanent Full Throttle Stop is set correctly & tight.
  • Ensure the throttle cable connections are tight and return springs are fitted at both ends.
  • Ensure the throttle linkages do not approach an over Centre position as this may lead to the throttle jamming.
  • Fasten all loose lines and cables appropriately to allow any freedom of movement required, but not allowing interference to drivers’ feet and pedals during the full operation of all pedals.
  • Where cables and hoses pass through panels, check for chaffing and correct as necessary.
  • Ensure the reservoirs have the correct fluid and level.
  • Ensure the system is fully bled.
  • Check for leaks while you have an assistant holding full pedal pressure.
  • Check all clearances and make any necessary adjustments.

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Happy Installs!

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