PE Racing is at the forefront of modern motorsports engineering solutions.

From design to development, installation to aftercare, our highly skilled team is equipped with over 30 years of industry experience and cutting edge technologies that you can rely on.

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The wait is almost over.

Pre-order your PE Sim Kit now for a February 2022 delivery.

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PE Racing Patented Pedals provides exceptional driver feedback. With a low weight & COG, your performance & handling is improved. Easily fits a range of floor/bulkhead shapes & angles using dual pivoted mounting feet. No need for extensive floor modification.

  • PE Racing mechanical motorsport engineer advice design and development

    Race Car Design & Development

    Get the right advice and setup early.

    From chassis design to optimising your brake & suspension setup, we have you covered.

    Brake Analysis

    Our in-house dynamic simulation determines and optimises the suspension kinematics, aerodynamics, brake response, vehicle geometry & mechanical grip.

    Download Brake Analysis Form & return to

  • PE Racing Finite Element Analysis computational fluid dynamics

    CFD & FEA

    Our experience in Fluid Dynamics & Thermo Dynamics allows us to advise, analyse, optimise, test & develop designs.

    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    CFD offers a fast & cheaper method to develop parts & products and aids the production process. It is ideal for Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

    Finite Element Analysis

    FEA is about predicting and testing the performance of a Product. Whether it's a Part or an Assembly, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be used for Testing, Development or Failure Analysis.

  • Prototype & Development

    2D Drafting & 3D Modelling

    This is ideal for mechanical designs & assemblies. It allows for designs to be easily visualised, checking for functionality, allowing for rapid response & ideal for Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

    Fabrication & Machining

    Avoid external third party as we specialise in custom components and prototypes. This includes prototyping and testing.

  • PE Racing Motorsport Wiring Solutions and Auto-Electrical Services

    Motorsport Wiring

    Our Auto-Electrician specialises in designing and building custom wiring harnesses. Our products are built from only the best components available.

    Contact us today regarding your motorsport wiring needs.

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