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PE is Perusic Engineering – EST 2006

PE Racing Pedal Assembly, 3 Pedal Manual Billet Design

Lighter & Stronger


Floor Mount Pedal Assemblies from 1.6kg to 2.8kg.

High-quality aircraft materials.

Adaptable & Adjustable

Our Patented design fits a range of bulkhead angles, super easy to install and adjust the pedal faces to your style.

PE Racing Pedal Assembly, 3 Pedal Manual Billet Design
3 Pedal Manual Billet - PE Racing Pedal Box

Easy to Tune

Our system allows easy tuning of both Throttle ratio and progression, Clutch & Brake ratio. Make finite adjustments easy without disassembly. The Pedal Faces are independent and do not affect pushrod geometry for effective operation

Master your Brakes


We offer a Brake System Analysis to determine the best combination setup for your race car, saving you time and money. 

You can download the form here and return filled out to

Customers reviews

What people say?

Something never seen before and outstanding. The unique concept of flexibility in mounting them on a rig is already a USP.
Daniel Radel
Simprolouge, germany
You truly have a wonderful product.
Deryck Griffith
Vibrant performance, canada
I am very keen on your pedals as I can angle them to fit my floor, unlike some of the others. I was looking into underfoot master, but if I can mount these at an angle and still get full throw pn the pedals, I am happy with that.
Jason Sultana
Chevron, Malaysia
Really impressed with your pedal assembly. Like the versatility of mounting options.

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