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PE Pedal Box Range. Billet 3 Pedal.

The PE Pedal Box Range

A lighter and stronger Pedal Box, designed to be the easiest to install into any unibody car.

Other pedal boxes require complex bracketry to provide a secure mount. But, the PE Pedal Box has two floor plates that rotate to match the contour of the floorpan, making it exceptionally easy for you.

The unique tuning & positioning system of the pedals enables a driver to achieve optimum positioning & comfort without compromising the intended function

The clever throttle linkage system can be fine-tuned for both ratio & progression very easily, available in your choice of Cable or Drive by Wire throttle actuation.

Available in 2 Pedal or 3 Pedal floor mount configuration.
Suitable for a wide range of Road & Off-Road Racing applications.

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