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PE Sim Challenge at WTAC

Think you can go faster than 1:20?

Time Attack Challenge is this weekend and we have a fun competition planned. 

This is a challenge for the fastest drivers in a Simulator, driving an Evo Time Attack Car around Sydney Motorsport Park using our new Sim pedals.

We are giving out loaded vouchers for drivers and serious sim racers who are up for the challenge, sub 1:20 lap times are expected.

Prizes will be handed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest lap time. 

Exciting right?

For many years we have been developing a Load Cell Sim setup to be realistic. Now, it is your turn to test these guys out.

We will be holding the competition in garage 27 where you can come check out Brian Bugh's Winefuelled R35 GTR.

Brian Bugh has kindly offered the use of his simulator with our sim pedals for this competition.

So come to Garage 27 to enter.

We will also have a exhibit in the pit area.

About our Sims

We have been working on a plug and play solution for professional drivers. Our load Cell Sim Racing pedal kit is designed for professional motorsport simulators. Engineered to suit the PE Racing Pedal Box which is loaded with patented features. Designed for drivers to optimise their training or replicating the setup in their race car. 

We aimed to make it feel just like the hydraulic set, and we would love your comments & feedback. Hopefully our Sims provide that accurate response and feel you have been craving for.

Winefuelled Racing Team Time Attack Car

Photo: Thomas Pappin Photography


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