Collection: Load Cell Sim Racing Pedals

A PE Racing design, available in 2 pedal and 3 pedal configurations. PE Sim Pedals is an adjustable mechanical system with inbuilt load cells that are sensitive and reliable. Load cells provide much more control and immersion, which is beneficial for motorsport professionals, providing a realistic experience for driver training. The pedals response and feel is accurate. 

PE Sim Cylinders are made from stainless steel construction and aircraft alloy. 


Brake Load Cells: 2@ 300kg

Clutch Load Cell: 200kg (3 pedal only)

Throttle position sensor: Non-contact Potentiometer 120°, Input 5V±0.25V, Output 0.5V - 4.5V DC

Interface Electronics: USB connection to PC with inbuilt ports for clutch, brakes & throttle connectors.