New Pedal Slider | FIA Standards

New Pedal Slider | FIA Standards

We listened to our valued customers and have put time in R&D to make our own Pedal Box Slider.

The Sliders are specifically designed to suit our PE Racing Pedal Assemblies and cater for the FIA fixed seat regulations. This is to enable efficient driver changes during endurance race events, making smooth adjustments to suit different drivers setups. 

Engineered, designed and tested using the latest CAD Software in-house. We were able to achieve higher stiffness and weight reduction using Stress Analysis. We love these challenges. 

The Sliders are designed to withstand the loads that Race Drivers and Motorsport demands, much like our Patented Pedal Assemblies.

Maintenance is important. The slider retains master cylinder inclination angles to allow self-bleeding via elevated inlet port of Girling Cylinders during heavy use.

Customers can also install the Sliders to their Simulation Setup, to enhance their driver experience and also cater for multiple drivers. 


  • Lowest profile on the market at 45.5mm high for heel plate or false floor
  • Narrow 175mm wide slider base
  • Fits floors with curved sides
  • Unique double shear arrangement of dual 8mm lock pins for added safety.
  • Billet construction with Hard Anodised Finish
  • Twin linear rail construction for added stiffness & smooth reliable operation
  • 174mm adjustment range at 14.5mm increments
  • Hand operated Cable release & inbuilt gas spring enables easy adjustment by drivers feet

Pedal Slider available now online. Pedal Assembly is not included.

Any questions about our new Pedal Slider or a new product development for your own project, reach out to

Race teams encouraged to enquire within. 

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