New Product - Mounting Clamps

New Product - Mounting Clamps

Perfecting your ideal setup can be difficult, time consuming and costly. You may change your mind in how you want to setup your fire exhaust system or you need to move your fuel filter over a tad, but it has been welded in. 

We have a simple solution to avoid this frustration. Our new mounting brackets provide you with the benefit of non-permanent joints. It eliminates the need for welding objects or panels to your vehicle. 

What are PE Clamps

The PE mounting clamps are a faster, easier and strong solution to mounting panels, cables or objects securely to common tubes sizes and roll cages for on and off road vehicles. The line of clamps includes an array of styles and sizes to best suit your needs.

The main purpose of the mounting clamps is to eliminate the need for welding brackets to tubular safety cages and structures. As welding has to tendency to deform, place additional stress and in most cases weaken tubular structural members. Welding across the tube is usually seen as the worst thing you can do, so people suggest to weld along the tube. However, in this case the weld has the tendency to shrink thus curving and/or bending the tube. In addition to this, you need to undertake surface preparation and a final coating. It is this problem that we have repeatedly experienced and therefore have designed and offered a solution.

The line of PE Clamps simply provides an advantage over welding mounts due to creating a non-permanent joint without the need of fabrication. It makes it easy to replace and adjust the position by simply unscrewing the clamp. Essentially, if you change your mind, it’s an easy and affordable fix that sustains the material’s strength, unlike welding.

The line of PE clamps includes

  • Steering Wheel/Helmet Hooks
  • Tube to Panel Mounting Bracket
  • Tube Clamp Mounting Brackets
  • Fuel Pump/Filter Mounting Brackets

When we design and develop new products, safety is a huge factor. These clamps, like our Pedal Assemblies are made from high-strength aircraft material with a hard anodized finished. This is to ensure stiffness and resistance to highly corrosive environments. Not only does it provide safety, but it’s designed to last. For items up to 5kg a single clamp can be used, for larger heavier items, we recommend using multiple clamps. 

Our specialised Fuel Pump/Filter Mounting Bracket’s are designed to secure Bosch and Mahle products securely and safely with a rubber lining to eliminate vibrating effects.

The Steering Wheel/Helmet Hooks is designed to mount on the inside of a roll cage providing the driver with a holder for their steering wheel and/or helmet.

The Tube Clamps and Tube to Panel clamps make customisation easy, as you can add your own products to the PE Clamps.

We designed with motorsport in mind. However, with a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.

The line of PE Mounting Clamps are now available for purchase on our online store.

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