Racing Pedal Assemblies

Designed & Manufactured in Australia by PE Racing.

PE Racing’s Pedal Box range consists of two floor mount pedal assemblies, The Billet and The Fabricated. Both attain PE Racings Patented features. The difference between the two is weight and price.

PE Racing Floor Mount Pedal Box
Unmatched Features. Adjustable Pedal face, Clutch Pedal Ratio, Brake Pedal Ratio and Brake Bias. The Adaptable frame is floor mount, easy to install, fitting a variety of floor shapes and angles.

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Billet Pedal Box 3 Pedal Manual
3 Pedal Manual Billet with Cable Throttle Option

More Control, Better Performance

A lightweight, strong, adjustable and adaptable Pedal Box. Engineered to withstand superior loads. Manufactured & Designed in Australia, from high-quality aircraft materials.

Lighter and Stronger

Get the mechanical advantage with our lighter and stronger Pedal Box design.

High Strength Aircraft Alloy construction and an Anodized Finish provides you with the lightest and strongest pedal box. The design eliminates the need for extra weight. 

Billet Racing Pedal Assembly
Billet 3

How do I install the Pedal Box?

Easy with little effort & cost. A fully detailed Installation Manual can be downloaded on our website. The manual also includes pictures, tips, advice & technical information.

Adjustable Pedals

Because every driver is different. Adjustability range is not matched by any existing brand, pedals can be adjusted 3 ways being longitudinal, vertical & pitch via our unique patented design.

We have designed our pedals to be independent of the levers, making adjustments EASY without the need to remove bolts AND will not affect the mechanics. 

Find your comfort with the inbuilt adjustment slots. 

Pedal Pads are Adjustable

Height, Depth & Pitch Angle.

Adaptive Frame

The Floor Mount is on Pivots to adapt to a variety of floor shapes and angles.

Making an easy and lighter install.

The large span footprint reduces floor modification and provides increased installation stiffness without the need of unnecessary weight. 

Tune the Throttle, Clutch & Brake Ratio

Our system allows easy tuning of both Throttle ratio and progression, Clutch & Brake ratio.

Make finite adjustments easy without disassembly. The Pedal Faces are independent and do not affect pushrod geometry for effective operation.

Throttle Control

We have optional Cable Throttle and Drive by Wire – catering for Fly by Wire applications. Throttle options sold separately and are designed for each Pedal Assembly.

Your choice of Cable Throttle or Drive by Wire

Oh, and adjust the Brake Bias

With our extended Pushrod Geometry, Brake Bias migration during modulation is well controlled. 

Our large 7/16″ balance bar operates on the principles of efficient force distribution to the front and rear master cylinders via pivoted lined bearings. The brake bias can be adjusted using the remote cable adjuster provided.

If the remote cable adjuster is not desired, it can be replaced with locking nuts at your desired brake bias setting.

Pedal Ratio

We use a combination of long stroke and small bore Master Cylinders for an equivalent output while using a more compact and efficient pedal ratio.  

Pedal Stops

Included in our design are built-in stops high in the frame, this results in eliminating the chance of floor debris fouling or limiting pedal movements.

Brake Modulation

Our brake lever is designed in such a way that ideal integration to master cylinders is not compromised. This allows for consistent bias percentage during modulation and also a “close to linear pedal force/pressure curve”, resulting in improved driver control and feedback.

Which Master Cylinders best suits your setup?

We offer a Brake System Analysis to determine the best combination setup for your race car. You can download the form here and return filled out to