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BOSCH Motorsport ABS M5 Kit Clubsport

BOSCH Motorsport ABS M5 Kit Clubsport

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BOSCH Motorsport ABS M5 Kit Clubsport  F-02U-V05-294-01

With the new ABS M5 kit, Bosch Motorsport adapted an ABS system specifically for use in motorsport that offers engineers a high level of flexibility during the car setup. The revised ABS control algorithm and completely new hardware ensure improved wheel slip control and enhance brake performance. Individual car parameters can be calibrated with software free of charge.

ABS MS5 complete package incl. Vehicle-specific wiring harness with standard connectors on the sensors.

Contact us about a custom wiring harness. 


  • Optimized performance and shortened braking distance through adjustment of slip with respect to downforce
  • Newly developed ABS hardware for improved wheel slip control
  • Switch to the optimal setting anytime, even as conditions change during the race
  • Calculation of current brake proportioning and display of suggestions for optimization
  • Adjustable sensitivity and control characteristics for operating as close to your vehicle’s limits as possible
  • Free programming tool and diagnostic software for individual vehicle data adjustment

The kit.

  • Hydraulic unit with attached controller
  • 4x wheel speed sensor DF11
  • 2x brake pressure sensor
  • Rotary function switch
  • Control lamp SILA incl. Control electronics
  • Rate of rotation/acceleration sensor with damper plate
  • Vehicle specific wiring harness - contact us about a custom wiring harness. 

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