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PE Racing

Tube Clamp Mounting Brackets

Tube Clamp Mounting Brackets

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Award-winning PE Clamps

PE tube clamp brackets are designed to fit tightly around common tube sizes to make mounting products and accessories easy and faster.

Although these are designed with motorsport in mind, the possible uses for these clamps become endless.


1" ϕ, 1.25" ϕ, 1.5" ϕ, 1.625" ϕ, 1.75" ϕ, 1.875" ϕ, 2" ϕ


  • Variety of sizes
  • Safe
  • Hard anodised metal resists a highly corrosive environment
  • Eliminates the need for welding, thus sustaining the strength of the material.
  • Consumes less storage space
  • Temporary
  • Affordable
  • High-Quality Material
  • Faster Mounting, easy access for mounting and dismounting
  • Easy to customise. Add your own products to the PE Clamps.
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